ePR - Supplier Invoice (<$5,000) ePR – Supplier Invoice (<$5,000)

Payment Type: Supplier Invoice (<$5,000) (DP)

Business Purpose: All


  • Payment of invoices for off-campus suppliers for any products/services costing <$5,000. Only one invoice is allowed per ePR submission. Multiple invoices for the same supplier which total >$5,000 over a period of time should be paid via USHOP PO.


  • A faculty member ordered a $25 book on his own and now needs the invoice to be paid.
  • A lab purchases a small batch of test tubes and have presented their department with an invoice for payment.


  • Invoice or statement substantiating payment amount.
  • W-9 if vendor is new or their information has changed.

Additional Approvals:

  • If the invoice was created without a PO, this is considered an after-the-fact purchase. It might be unauthorized since it does not demonstrate financial approval prior to the purchase and subsequent request for payment.
  • No additional approvals needed.

Additional Information and Resources:

  • After-the-fact purchases for goods and services greater than $5,000 are in violation of state procurement law and will not be processed through ePR.
  • University Rule 3-100D—Purchasing Thresholds 
  • University Rule 3-100E—Restricted Purchases 
  • University Policy 3-003—Authorizations and Approvals Required for Financial Transactions 

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