Help-Search and Sort

How to use the Search Box and Sort options in Financial & Business Services apps

One of our newest features to our apps is the Search box. As a user types in this box, watch the app dynamically perform an instant on-screen search to narrow the results.

Columns can also be sorted in most of our apps. Clicking a column once will put it in ascending order, while clicking it again will put it in descending order. To enable a multi-column sort, once one column has been sorted, hold the shift key down while clicking another column.

Search box tips and tricks:

  • Evidence of Review (EOR)
    • To easily narrow the results to all of the Not Reviewed Activities or Projects, type either “**” or “None” in the Search box.
    • To narrow the results to all of the Reviewed or PDF Printed Activities or Projects, type an “@” sign.
  • All FS apps
    • Download to excel will still download all criteria from the original search even though the Search box has been used.