Internal Controls Corner

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Within the University of Utah

Policy 3-018 Internal Controls
Policy 3-019 University of Utah Internal Audit Policy
Policy 4-006 Identity Theft Prevention Program
Policy 5-130 Policy on Criminal and Other Background Checks
Policy 5-205 Code of Conduct for Staff
Policy 6-316 Code of Faculty Rights and Responsibilities
Policy 6-400 Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities
Internal Control Workshop Presentation
University Ethical Standards and Code of Conduct
University of Utah Internal Audit
Ethics.point Hotline

Outside the University of Utah

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
The Institute of Internal Auditors
Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission
The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University
Auburn University Department of Internal Auditing

Training materials

Myths About Fraud

Cash Handling Controls (under construction – check back soon)

We provide extensive training on internal controls and fraud for various constituents across campus. One-on-one training is available for new chairs and deans. Workshops varying in length from 30-90 minutes are available upon request. Customized training involving business process and segregation of duties analysis is available upon request. Contact us….

Internal Controls Corner – Momentum Newsletter

Monthly reconciliation of Management Reports – July 2010
Fraud – April 2010
New policy on Internal Controls – January 2010
One-on-one training now available for Deans, Chairs, and Directors – January 2010
Asset Misappropriation – October 2009
Occupational Fraud – July 2009

Fraud Triangle