Chartwells Catering Now Paperless

Chartwells Catering Form now in UShop – Campus Orders no longer necessary!

Effective July 1, 2017, Chartwells will no longer accept paper campus orders as payment for catering services. As part of our overall objectives to move away from paper-based processes, we have partnered with Chartwells to design a paperless UShop solution for catered food orders that will increase efficiencies for both Chartwells and the University.

Place your next paperless order using Chartwells’ online CaterTrax system or over the phone, then proceed to UShop, following these steps:

  1. Obtain the CaterTrax invoice number.
  2. Fill in a few simple details about the purchase and submit the form in UShop.
  3. Chartwells will invoice against the PO that’s been created.

*Note: Chartwells will invoice your department only after the event has taken place.

Where to­ find the form in UShop:

The Chartwells Catering form can be found under “Place an Order” on the Shopping Home Page:

How to use the Chartwells Catering Form quick reference guide

Coming Soon: Chartwells Walk-In Dining form in UShop

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New Punchout Catalog: ThermoFisher Scientific

UShop has been working with ThermoFisher/Life Technologies and together we are pleased to announce their incorporation into our procurement system. This is the first UShop partnership that integrates both direct orders and on-campus supply centers. The punchout to the ThermoFisher/Life Technologies website is located in the shopping showcase listed as Punch-Out Catalogs with Contract Pricing.

ThermoFisher/Life Technologies brands (Invitrogen, Applied Biosystems, Pierce, eBioscience, Affymetrix, Gibco, and more) provide some of the most cited and trusted products in the life sciences. Many of these products will be offered at deeply discounted prices through UShop for both direct and supply center orders.

Here are some highlights of this partnership:

  • Automatic discounts on 100,000+ products
  • 50% off all PCR machines through June
  • 20% off most antibodies & ELISAs from Invitrogen, Pierce, and eBio.
  • 30% off most DNA & RNA purification kits
  • 35% off most SYBR and Taqman Master Mixes or 50% off the purchase of 2+.
  • Up to 75% off tissue culture reagents
  • Access through UShop to 6 supply centers located on campus with hundreds of stocked products
  • Free Shipping on the majority of non-stocked items purchased through a supply center

Please see the attached punch out quick reference guide for detailed ordering instructions.

Contact Josh Romney, ThermoFisher/Life Technologies sales representative, for further information regarding UShop or help with products and pricing. He can be reached by email, phone, or in person. Phone: 801-209-8579 Email:


Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is the world leader in serving science. Our mission is to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. We help our customers accelerate life sciences research, solve complex analytical challenges, improve patient diagnostics and increase laboratory productivity. Through our premier brands – Invitrogen, Applied Biosystems and Thermo Scientific– we offer an unmatched combination of innovative technologies, purchasing convenience and comprehensive support.

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Total Contract Manager: Submit Contracts by June 30

This notice is being sent with broad distribution to reach all members of the University Campus Community.  It is now required to gather all contracts with any outside entity and submit them to our TCM (Total Contract Manager) system by the end of June 2017.

Contracts to be submitted include service agreements for equipment, agreements with independent contractors or consultants, or contracts for good and services. These contracts will be used to obtain better pricing for all campus users.

Total Contract Manager (TCM) is a module within UShop intended to house all of the university’s procurement-based contracts.

Please take some time to read this memo from Ruth Watkins and John Nixon, regarding TCM.

The TCM Module Provides:

  • Streamlined management of procurement-based contracts through collaboration, approval, and compliance.
  • Electronic access to all university contracts, both Inactive (department-specic) and Active (Campus -wide).
  • Preset alerts to notify of upcoming contract renewal or expiration. • Transparent compliance with both State and Federal procurement laws.
  • Broader platform for negotiating and securing procurement based contracts.
  • Repository for all procurement contracts, providing one place to store and research contracts specic to departmental procurement needs

Within UShop, you will also notice a new Contracts icon on the left sidebar. Hovering over this icon will bring up the Contracts menu.

For more information, please visit the TCM homepage and view the TCM training guide.

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Office Depot Now A UShop Punch-Out Supplier!

We are pleased to announce the addition of the 20th punch-out catalog supplier in UShop – Office Depot. Many departments have a great relationship with Office Depot and use them regularly for a variety of supplies.

The UShop Office Depot catalog is tied to the State of Utah NASPO ValuePoint contract – which also includes the existing Staples punch-out catalog. You can now shop both of these suppliers, and with each have access to a wide variety of commodities, all at state-negotiated prices. This allows your departments to leverage the considerable purchasing power of the State of Utah. 

When shopping these catalogs, please keep in mind that the wide variety of commodities found in these catalogs are limited to what is included in the contract, and items not included in the contract will not be available.

The Office Depot supplier contact is Erin Alvord, Vertical Market Manager. Contact information for Erin is as follows, 801.736.7377 or The main customer service hotline is 800.816.5222

We are excited to make this announcement and welcome Office Depot to UShop! 

Please contact us if you have any questions as you use these punch-out catalogs.

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Year End Renewal Orders: Locate Current and Submit New

It is time to begin thinking about new year Renewal Orders
As the 2017 fiscal year comes to a close, you should identify your current Renewal POs and consider which you will re-submit for the new fiscal year.

The Search Function within UShop makes it easy to generate a list of your current renewal orders. View the Renewal Orders: 2017 How-to guide to gain a better understanding of the process.

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Qiagen UShop Exclusive Sale Until March 24

Until March 24, 2017, you can save 24% on selected assay and sample preparation products when you order through UShop. Simply enter the promo code ECOMM24 when ordering. Your new discounted price will be automatically recalculated.

For detailed information on the selected assay and sample preparation products, click here.


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Additional Approvals are now live in UShop!

Use these additional approval steps when you want either a GFA or a non-GFA approver to review an order:

  • UShop Shoppers and Requisitioners are now able to select and add an individual as an approver in workflow for a requisition. These approvals do not replace the GFA requirement, and any UShop user may be added as an additional approver.
  • These approvals are not required, and may be used at the discretion of the submitter.
  • Up to five additional approvals per requisition can be added. These approvals happen in parallel with each other and can occur in any order.
  • These additional approvals must take place before the requisition can be finalized.
  • Each Approver added in the Additional Approvals section will need to approve the requisition prior to the GFA approval taking place, however if the submitter (Requisitioner) has GFA, the additional approvals will not prevent automatic approval of the requisition for GFA.

Use the Additional Approvals section to assign up to 5 approvers to a requisition. To add an approver, click the edit link in the upper right corner.

Type the uNID of the individual to be added as an approver in the box, or click the Select from all values… link to search by name.

If you cannot locate the individual, it may mean they’re not yet a UShop user. If this happens, please contact Mary Louise Hughes ( to have the individual(s) added to UShop. *Note: at this stage, they will only be able to approve requisitions assigned to them until they have completed the Shopper or Requisitioner training.

PDF guide of this process.

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Apple & UShop

A primary objective of the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) project is to increase efficiency and savings by leveraging contracts whenever possible. Campus departments have asked if and when Apple will be enabled as a supplier in UShop. The University has an existing contract with Apple which is administered by the Campus Store and purchases made through this contract provide many advantages to our departments, and the University overall.

Due to the benefits of this contract, all Apple computer purchases should be placed with the Campus Store, and Apple will not be enabled as a supplier in UShop at this time.

As an Apple Authorized Campus Store Plus reseller, the University Campus Store is able to provide departments with the following benefits;

Product Availability

  • The Campus Store receives all new product releases at the same time as the Apple Retail Store, and orders are placed in advance of the scheduled release date to ensure product availability on launch, the same as the Apple Store. An example of this would be when the new iPad Pro’s were released recently. Also, we recently saw that the Campus Store had more product availability on Apple pencils and Keyboards for the new iPad Pro’s than the Apple Store.

Discounted Pricing

  • Apple product pricing is the same, or better than, the Apple Store.
  • Additionally, the Campus Store works with departments to try and obtain extra discounts for departmental sales, and sometimes Apple offers additional discounts that the Apple Store cannot offer.
  • When Apple announces new products the Campus Store is able to discount product as much as $300, something the Apple Store cannot offer.

By coordinating with Apple on large campus-wide orders, the Campus Store is  able to pass on any savings and allow you to use your chartfields or P-Cards – both methods simplify your purchase options.

Customer Service

  • A commitment to provide a two-hour turnaround time for any quotes or sales orders
  • Product delivered directly to your department
  • Campus Store also offers DEP (Device Enrollment Program), which provides a fast, streamlined way to deploy your corporate-owned  Mac or iOS devices with zero-touch configuration for IT, streamlined setup and wireless supervision. Contact Derek Walton for more information about DEP.

You can contact our Apple specialists with any questions and to place your orders:

Aubrie Anderson – Apple Inside Sales Specialist

Derek Walton – Apple Outside Sales Specialist

Alex Parra – Apple Order Expeditor

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Improved Invoice Approval: Receipting is now Optional

Effective Tuesday, January 17, 2017, UShop is eliminating the process of requiring a receipt prior to the payment of invoices against high-dollar purchase orders. Receipting will no longer hold payment of invoices against high-dollar purchase orders. Instead, your GFA approver will be asked to approve any invoice greater than or equal to $50,000.

  1. Approval will be contingent upon the invoice amount, rather than the PO amount. Invoice approval is completed in the same way that requisitions are approved, using the Approve/Complete action item in the drop down menu.
  2. Invoice approval may be completed by anyone with GFA on the Activity/Project being used on the PO/Invoice. All GFA account executives and authorized alternates will receive a notification when an invoice is pending approval. *Note: for instructions on how to suppress these email notifications, Click Here.
  3. If needed, departments will still have the option to require approval prior to payment regardless of dollar amount by using the Hold Invoice for Approval checkbox (pictured below). 
  4. Going forward, receipting will be strictly optional. The receipting function will remain in place for departments that may wish to use it for internal purposes, but it will not hold or restrict payment of an invoice. (See Option c for instructions on how to hold an invoice for approval before payment.)

Note: this feature should not be used for punch-out suppliers that invoice electronically.

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Amazon Catalog in UShop Still Tax Exempt

Be aware of new Amazon sales tax policies and how to avoid paying sales tax for your University purchases…

Although Amazon recently announced that beginning January 1, 2017, sales tax will be charged on all orders, the University of Utah has enrolled in the Amazon Tax Exemption Program, so…

All Amazon orders placed in UShop are Tax Exempt! 

University business purchases should avoid sales tax – so when departments purchase from Amazon, it should be done through the UShop punch out catalog.  University departments should no longer be using personal Amazon accounts and requesting subsequent reimbursement. Departments should also eliminate PCard payments on Amazon business accounts.

Recommendations to make your Amazon experience tax exempt:

If you have any issue with sales tax on an order, please contact the Amazon Business Account Customer Service Team by Phone at (866) 486-2360 or if needed, you can also request sales tax refunds by emailing

We also suggest that users ALWAYS review their shopping carts before finalizing any orders – there are a SMALL Minority of 3rd Party Sellers that are not yet enrolled in the Tax Exempt program. However, if a user DOES accidentally place an order with sales tax on it, they can email the Amazon Tax Exempt Inbox (above) with the Order Number and they will receive the tax reimbursement. If a user sees tax from a seller, we recommend buying the item from another seller that is participating in the Tax Exempt program.

If you do not have access to Amazon in UShop, register for UShop Amazon Account Setup here.

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