Encryption for New Hardware Purchases

University of Utah Health remains committed to ensuring the privacy and security of our patient, faculty, and staff information. As part of this ongoing commitment, U of U Health is addressing device security throughout the Health System. This effort includes confirming appropriate security measures are in place for existing devices and new device purchases going forward. 

You are receiving this email because our team identified you as a purchase requestor or account executive with capability to grant purchasing permissions. Please note this communication applies to all devices both over and under the capital purchasing threshold that may contain, transmit, or store protected health information (PHI). 

We would like to remind you as a purchase requestor, there are methods you are required to use to complete any hardware requests to ensure the equipment is onboarded correctly with the proper encryption software. If you are under a 01 business unit, you are encouraged to utilize the UShop Marketplace. If you are under 01 business unit and utilize other procurement avenues selected by your department, they must be within policy standards referenced below. If you are under the 02 business unit you must utilize the ITS Hardware Catalog per the links provided below.

If you have any questions regarding a specific procurement process, please contact your respective procurement office for support. For Hospitals and Clinics (BU02), please contact 801-587-6711, and for Health Sciences (BU01), please contact 801-581-7241. 

We would also like to remind you as a purchase requestor, there are policies and guidelines you are required to follow and reinforce. For details on these requirements, please review the resources below. 

Policy 3-041: Accountability for Noncapital Equipment 

  • Applies to 01 & 02 accounts.  
  • Note that capital thresholds are different. 

Procurement Resources Pulse Page 

  • Applies to 01 accounts only. 

Purchasing Department Policies & Procedures 

Purchasing Information Pulse Page 

  • Applies to 02 accounts only. 

Stephen H. Hess Ph.D. | Chief Information Officer, University of Utah | 102 South 200 East, Suite 110 | Salt Lake City Utah 84111 

Jim Livingston, MBA | University of Utah Health | Chief Technology Officer | University of Utah | University of Utah Health | (801) 587-6085  

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