Examples – How to fill out the Non-Catalog Form for:

Goods Delivered on a Regular Basis

Services Provided on a Regular Basis

Service for One Job Over a Period of Time

Helpful Tips:

  • To repeat an order placed formerly, you may copy a requisition to a new cart. Reference video.
  • Include the term “FY17” in the name of your cart if you are placing an order that you anticipate will be reordered annually.  This way you can use “FY17” as a search criterion next year when you want to identify the POs that you want to renew.
  • Accounting periods: General Accounting has two monthly accounting periods open at any given time.  The previous month’s accounting period will be closed on the 7th business day of the current month.  The upcoming month’s accounting period will open on the 8th business day of the current month.  This means that for Fiscal new year orders, you may indicate the accounting date of July 1 as early as the 8th business day of June.  This accounting date may be specified in the Billing Options tab on the Proceed to Checkout page.
  • If you wish to get a head start on your fiscal new year orders in UShop, you may fill in the information on the Non-Catalog form, proceed to checkout and complete the information just up to the point prior to “Submit Requisition”.  If you wait to submit these orders, they will remain in your Draft Carts indefinitely.  You may then go in on the 8th business day of June and submit each of these orders.