Change Request Replacing the Change Order 

 We have replaced the Change Order form with a new and better way to make changes to a Purchase Order, which is known as the Change Request. 

Change Request Benefits: 

  • Access it directly from any PO which requires a modification.  

  • A Change Request is a separate document, which will always remain connected to the PO it modifies. 
  • Like a Requisition, the Change Request follows the approval workflow. 
  • Unlike the current Change Order, the Change Request displays the dollar amount of the change, allowing an approver to easily see the dollar amount increase. 
  • Because a Change Request is a separate document, you can search for them just like you can search for Requisitions, Purchase Orders, or Invoices. 
  • The Change Request works better for everyone in those situations where AP receives an invoice, which requires that the PO is increased before the invoice can be paid.

Feedback we have already received from departments using Change Request: 

  • The ability to process a change order within the PO is AWESOME! It is so nice to not have to think of the best way to explain complicated requests. It’s also nice to have the Change Request linked in the PO-related documents, which ties it all together in one place. Attachments that are added as a backup for the Change Request are added right in the PO, instead of having the added step of attaching it in both places. Thank you for working to make these improvements! 
  • The new process is easier, faster, less confusing, and results in better, clearer records/backups than the old method. 

How do I use it? 

See the help guides below which will explain when a change can/should be made and then how to use the new Change Request feature. 

What if I need more help? Who do I contact? 

  • Contact Purchasing via email at 
  • Access UShop help on Teams to IM and/or for hands-on help. 


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