Eppendorf Punch-out Catalog Added to UShop!

Eppendorf product offerings include:

  • Get contract pricing on Eppendorf’s products
  • Automated Pipetting
  • Bioprocess
  • Cell Manipulation
  • Centrifugation
  • Co2 Incubators
  • Stock levels appear as you are ordering

Departments also enjoy these benefits from UShop Catalog purchases:

  • Electronic order approvals tied to GFA
  • Electronic invoicing
  • No need to reconcile or reallocate transactions
  • Searchable transactions in UShop after the purchase

Eppendorf Sales Contact Information:

  • Ashley Morgan morgan.a@eppendorf.com 619-371-6465
  • Sarah Paxton Paxton.s@eppendorf.com 972-880-9861

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