ASL web developer and video production service provider

Notice Number: 177870838, 182267230
Date Posted: 2/5/2024
Comments Due: 2/12/2024
at 12:00 PM current Mountain Time.

The Utah Procurement Code provides that a procurement may be made without competition when the University determines that there is only one source that can reasonably meet the University’s need for the required supply or service, as described in Utah Code Ann. § 63G-6a-802.

The Purchasing Department has received the following request for sole source procurement:

Product and/or Service to be purchased: website development, ASL translation and video production with post production
Sole Source Supplier: Access Simplified
Earliest Proposed Purchase Date: 2/12/2024
Buyer Name: Monica Henderson
Sole Source Justification: University ASL Diabetes Program is using vendor for ASL Translation & Video Production services and is seeking web development in ASL. The vendor employs Deaf professional actors and staff, an important component for quality assurance. Vendor must be able to guarantee American Sign Language fluency, equal access, and cultural sensitivity for the educational videos we are producing. Language translation is imperative in this project. Having the appropriate steps in place to ensure the complex medical content is translated and signed correctly in ASL is critical to the success of our project. Access Simplified is the only vendor we could identify that has these assurances in place and the only available vendor that offers the service needed from a single supplier. It would be cost prohibitive to have any work redone.

This sole source will be valid for a period of five (5) years and is to exceed $50k.

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