McMaster-Carr Punch-out Catalog now available in UShop!

McMaster-Carr provides tools, raw materials, and maintenance equipment and supplies. They also have a wide variety of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and utility hardware.

The Advantages of ordering from the McMaster-Carr punch-out catalog on UShop:

  • McMaster-Carr sends an electronic invoice directly to Accounts Payable
  • No need for reallocation of charges. Your order is charged to the correct chartfield up front
  • Your order is sales tax-free
  • No need to retain hard copy receipts
  • UShop is integrated with Management Reports, so when there is a question, or when you are completing Evidence of Review, all the information you need is available directly in UShop

If you have any questions regarding UShop or the McMaster-Carr punch-out Catalog, please contact the UShop team.

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