Amazon Catalog in UShop Still Tax Exempt

Be aware of new Amazon sales tax policies and how to avoid paying sales tax for your University purchases…

Although Amazon recently announced that beginning January 1, 2017, sales tax will be charged on all orders, the University of Utah has enrolled in the Amazon Tax Exemption Program, so…

All Amazon orders placed in UShop are Tax Exempt! 

University business purchases should avoid sales tax – so when departments purchase from Amazon, it should be done through the UShop punch out catalog.  University departments should no longer be using personal Amazon accounts and requesting subsequent reimbursement. Departments should also eliminate PCard payments on Amazon business accounts.

Recommendations to make your Amazon experience tax exempt:

If you have any issue with sales tax on an order, please contact the Amazon Business Account Customer Service Team by Phone at (866) 486-2360 or if needed, you can also request sales tax refunds by emailing

We also suggest that users ALWAYS review their shopping carts before finalizing any orders – there are a SMALL Minority of 3rd Party Sellers that are not yet enrolled in the Tax Exempt program. However, if a user DOES accidentally place an order with sales tax on it, they can email the Amazon Tax Exempt Inbox (above) with the Order Number and they will receive the tax reimbursement. If a user sees tax from a seller, we recommend buying the item from another seller that is participating in the Tax Exempt program.

If you do not have access to Amazon in UShop, register for UShop Amazon Account Setup here.

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