Additional Request Types Available to all ePR Users

The ePR Pilot Phase is officially over!  Everyone who has access to Employee and Non-Employee Reimbursements now has access to TEN other request types.

Our efforts to expand ePR is part of our overall objective to eliminate paper Payment Requests.

NOTE: The paper PR form will be eliminated by December 1, 2017.

The only transactions that cannot be completed using ePR at this time are Wire Transfers and Petty Cash requests, and we are currently developing these solutions.

What do you need to do?

Please use ePR to submit ALL other PR requests.  We are looking forward to your feedback as you use ePR!

ePR Resources:

  1. Since there are several ePR request types, USE THIS GUIDE to decide which type you will use:
  2. Within the ePR application, the “tips” link will provide other training materials, guides, etc.
  3. Quick Start Preparer Guide (Most AP Request Types):
  4. Quick Start Preparer Guide (Employee Reimbursement):

How do you find and use ePR?

ePR is found in CIS – there is a tile with an ePR icon on the Financial and Business Services page.

Who do I contact with questions and feedback?

Please use our ePR Question/Feedback form , or­ you may also use our ASK US form with any processing questions.

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