ePayment Request Reimbursements

Travel & Reimbursement Services is seeing many reimbursements violating policy.  Please review the policy below to make sure you are complying in order to avoid delaying the reimbursement.

Policy Rule 3-010A.

One common violation is a missing approval from the Director or Department Chair on reimbursements over $1,000. We are fixing ePR so it will automatically add this approval step which simply requires the Director or Department Chair’s name or UNID to be put in.

Policy R3-010A, III.C.4

Reimbursements in excess of the established maximum, currently $1,000, require two approvals – the person’s supervisor and the director or department chair, along with an explanation of why preferred procurement methods were not used.

Another violation is sales tax reimbursement for non-business meals.  We are not able to reimburse sales tax without a Dean or VP approval. 

Other common missing items:

  • Missing proof of payment receipts
    • Has to show payee is out of pocket
    • Final transaction receipts from online orders – shipping details required for Amazon orders
  • New Membership requires VP, Dean, or Director approval
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