ePR: Employee Reimbursement Approvals >$1,000

Attention ePR preparers:

In response to an internal audit, and in strict adherence to Rule 3-010A, we have implemented system changes to enforce Director or Chair approval for all Employee Reimbursements that exceed $1,000.

The intent of the Rule is to provide incentive to departments to use recommended procurement methods based upon the Buying and Payment Guide. Prior to the internal audit, Travel & Reimbursement Services would scrutinize the content of the reimbursement to determine if preferred procurement methods were violated, and would re-route the reimbursement request back to the department to add Director/Chair to the workflow, if necessary.  The system will now enforce a requirement of Director/Chair when the request exceeds $1,000, regardless of the content of the payment.

We encourage Departments to use the most efficient and cost-effective procurement methods as outlined in the Buying and Payment Guide, especially to avoid unnecessary payment of sales tax.

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