Controller’s Corner – November 2013

New!  Personnel Effort Distribution Report available for you!

When you want to see how much money and effort is allocated to your students & staff, check out the new EDR report.   This shows quarter-to-date earnings in a PAR-like format, and is updated every pay period.   Each person is viewable individually, and all funding sources (multiple departments, multiple projects, etc.) are shown. This applies to all exempt employees, but NOT to hourly employees.

Please help us keep your information up to date:  If you have a student or employee leave your lab, change the effort they spend on various projects in your group, or have any other significant job change, please notify your administrator immediately – Don’t wait for the PAR!  You can immediately use EDR to monitor planned and posted payroll distributions after each payroll period.

EDR’s Benefits:

  • Displays complete information for the employee, from all funding sources (see the TA, RA funding, etc. all in one place). For employees paid by multiple departments, this will show all funding sources.  View this person-by-person for your group.
  • Update reporting for your projects.
  • Your management report will be updated as well.
  • The PAR will be correct, ready to be approved.  SAVES YOU TIME!!  Minimizes PAR corrections.
  • Personnel changes handled quickly.
  • Change salary by percentage OR by dollars; Changes move salary AND associated benefits.
  • Make “In Quarter” allocation corrections.

Effort Reporting at the university includes:

  • Charging Effort – use PAN s and ePAF with distributions codes; use EDR to adjust for future payroll periods
  • Correcting Effort – use the EDR to make “In Quarter” changes for the CURRENT QUARTER
  • Certifying Effort – use the PAR s and Kronos

Here is the link to EDR

Link to more information

Personnel costs are typically the single largest expense charged to federally sponsored awards.  The government requires us to maintain an effort certification process documenting:

  • Timely submission of effort
  • Labor distribution(s) reflects effort
  • A suitable means of verification

The risks of non-compliance or of “Overstated Effort” on sponsored projects are significant.  Dollar settlements with federal sponsors have been up to $5.5 million at our peer individual research institutions.

Here is a sample EDR:


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