Additional Approvals are now live in UShop!

Use these additional approval steps when you want either a GFA or a non-GFA approver to review an order:

  • UShop Shoppers and Requisitioners are now able to select and add an individual as an approver in workflow for a requisition. These approvals do not replace the GFA requirement, and any UShop user may be added as an additional approver.
  • These approvals are not required, and may be used at the discretion of the submitter.
  • Up to five additional approvals per requisition can be added. These approvals happen in parallel with each other and can occur in any order.
  • These additional approvals must take place before the requisition can be finalized.
  • Each Approver added in the Additional Approvals section will need to approve the requisition prior to the GFA approval taking place, however if the submitter (Requisitioner) has GFA, the additional approvals will not prevent automatic approval of the requisition for GFA.

Use the Additional Approvals section to assign up to 5 approvers to a requisition. To add an approver, click the edit link in the upper right corner.

Type the uNID of the individual to be added as an approver in the box, or click the Select from all values… link to search by name.

If you cannot locate the individual, it may mean they’re not yet a UShop user. If this happens, please contact Mary Louise Hughes ( to have the individual(s) added to UShop. *Note: at this stage, they will only be able to approve requisitions assigned to them until they have completed the Shopper or Requisitioner training.

PDF guide of this process.

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