Attention PCard Users: Use UShop to order from catalog suppliers

UShop now has 17 Punch-out Catalogs!

We are excited about the new UShop Marketplace that has been designed to make purchasing at the University more streamlined. The UShop team has worked diligently to get these 17 specific catalog suppliers set up on the site to help expedite the ordering and payment processes. Efforts continue to add more catalog suppliers to UShop. Orders placed through our punch-out catalog suppliers include these benefits: efficient approvals via GFA, transparent workflow, electronic ordering and invoicing, shipping notifications, source documents directly viewable via Web Management Reports, and no need for subsequent reallocation or reconciliation of transactions.

In the past, it has been common for departments to use a Purchasing Card (PCard) when purchasing from these suppliers. Due to efficiencies when placing orders for these suppliers through UShop, it is required that you make those purchases on the UShop Marketplace via a catalog instead of using the PCard. For example, orders you currently place with WW Grainger, Staples, or Fisher Scientific, using your own account and your PCard, should now be placed via UShop. We will be monitoring PCard transactions for compliance.

An exception to this request could be situations when expedited shipping is requested as those orders may need to be placed directly with the suppliers so special shipping arrangements can be made. A PCard is appropriate in these circumstances if the transaction amount is within the transaction limit of the card. We recognize that you may have questions as your purchases are migrated from PCard to UShop, and we are here to support you and your department as you make this transition. Please contact Perry Hull of the UShop team via email, or call him at 801-587-6280, with any questions or concerns.

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