New Punch-Out Catalog: Sigma Aldrich

We are pleased to announce that Sigma-Aldrich, featuring life science technologies and specialty chemicals, is our newest UShop punch-out catalog.


  1. Punch-Out catalogs feature our most efficient purchasing procedures
  2. University contract pricing
  3. Excellent shipping rates. 

Efficiency Savings on over 2,500 Transactions:

Current year Purchasing Card transactions, for Sigma-Aldrich purchases, total ~$600K, and just over 2,500 transactions. Campus users can now eliminate the need for after-the-purchase reallocation and reconciliation of these transactions!

Dedicated Sales Representative:

Campus users who require product information, quotes or general Sigma-Aldrich information, may contact the University’s Sigma-Aldrich sales manager:

Courtney Underhill


As always, if you have questions about the Sigma-Aldrich punch-out or any other UShop question, you may either call the UShop helpdesk at 801.585.2255, or use our Help Desk Form.

NOTE: UShop now features 15 Punch-Out suppliers, and 2,771 total suppliers.


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