Guideline Effective May 1: Approvals necessary for Sales Tax and Business Meal Reimbursement

ePR better allows us to monitor submissions related to:

  • Reimbursement of Business Meals – see Policy 3-031
  • Reimbursement of Utah Sales Tax in situations where a more preferred procurement method should have been used by the employee – see Rule 3-010A

Jeff West, Associate Vice President has published a memo meant to clarify the approvals necessary for these types of reimbursements, and beginning May 1, we will return ePR submissions to the Preparer to correct the approvals.

New: Departmental Deans may now delegate their authority related to approving Sales Tax reimbursement.

Clarification – Meal and food reimbursements:

  • Business Meals where employees host vendors, contractors, recruits, etc. require approval from VP, Dean, or Director.
  • Other food or meal reimbursements typically do not require additional approvals beyond GFA approvals.

Reminder: Expense and reimbursement reporting of meal and food purchases requires:

  • Clearly stated business purpose
  • List of those in attendance for 10 or fewer individuals, or a description of the group and approximate number of participants if over 10 individuals.

Please circulate this information to the necessary people within your area.

Memo: Guideline for approvals necessary for Business Meal and Sales Tax Reimbursements

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