Campus Order Elimination Confirmed – July 6, 2018

After several months of analysis and working closely with selling departments, we have confirmed our plan to retire the Campus Order form in FY2018. This means that the last day these forms will be accepted for processing by Accounts Payable will be July 6, 2018. After that date, these submitted forms will be returned to the buying department listed on the form.

In the majority of circumstances, an eJournal is the most appropriate replacement for the Campus Order, providing an easy and efficient way to transfer expenses from one department to another. If you need help getting started with eJournal, please contact Runar Boman in General Accounting at 7-9969.

Some selling departments have migrated to UShop with the remainder planned for June. Watch for announcements as these come online.

If you are a seller and have questions about how to replace the Campus Order for your sales, please consider coming to our Q&A session on June 14, from 3:30-5:00pm in INSCC 110 (auditorium). It will be an open-house format.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Perry Hull, UShop Solution Administrator, at 7-6280, who is leading the Campus Order elimination project.

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