Announcing… The Return of UShop Training!

Over the past several weeks we have reorganized and updated the structure of UShop training. The majority of it will now be available online, but some will still require in-person training – which is now significantly shorter.

Shopper Training – now Online

As a Shopper, whether you will simply decide what goods and services to buy, or will also add shipping or accounting information to your order, your training is now online!

  1. Watch the required Shopper Training videos.
  2. Submit a Shopper Role Activation Request.
  3. When you receive your activation notification, proceed to order goods and services in UShop!

Requisitioner Training – now shorter!

  1. Watch the required Shopper Training videos. You are also encouraged to view the Introduction Video to gain a broader understanding of UShop.
  2.  Submit a Shopper Role Activation Request.
  3. Register for a 1.5 hour In-Person Requisitioner Training.
  4. Your Requisitioner role will be activated after you attend the in-person Requisitioner Training.

NOTE: Shopper training will NOT be covered in our in-person training.  Before your in-person training, get into UShop and practice shopping. Doing this, you will be better prepared to ask questions pertinent to your own department. You will also be better able to assimilate the additional information you will receive.

Approver Training

  1. View this Approver Training video to get up to speed on your role as an Approver.
  2. While you are very welcome to view the Online Shopper Training videos or attend the In-Person Requisitioner Training, these are not required for an Approver.
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