B&H Photo Punch-out Catalog Changes

B&H Photo is a large supplier of photography, video equipment, lighting products, audiovisual, and much more. B&H recently executed two contracts with the State of Utah (PA3401 & PA3336), activating some exciting changes in their punch-out catalog:

  • Orders over $5000* no longer require competitive bidding if this contracted supplier is used
  • An expanded selection of products and services available in the punch-out catalog
  • Contract pricing covers all products and services offered in the catalog
  • You continue to enjoy:
    • Free Ground Shipping to Campus locations
    • Electronic Invoicing
    • No need to reconcile transaction
    • Searchable Transactions stored in UShop
    • Great customer service

Enjoy paperless processing from beginning to end!

(*) All punch-out orders over $50,000 require procurement review.

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