We are eliminating paper Payment Requests – Know these Important Dates

Sept. 25: Non-Employee Reimbursements

Beginning September 25, 2017, paper reimbursement forms for non-university employees will no longer be accepted.

Please use ePR for all non-university employee reimbursements going forward.

Oct. 1: UShop: NoPO and PR forms

Beginning October 1, 2017, UShop NoPO and UShop Payment Requests will no longer be available or accepted.

Please use ePR for all NoPO or PR form needs going forward.

Other Paper Payment Requests – ePR is ready for all users!

We will be eliminating these paper forms in the very near future, but are not ready to announce a date. We are encouraging all departments to use ePR for their submissions. Please email Kori Wetsel with a list of departmental users ready to use ePR.  Please include user name, employee ID and email.

Users will be added in the order received.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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