More Total Contract Manager In-person Training Dates Added

Come learn more about Total Contract Manager (TCM) – the howwhy and what of the University’s new procurement contracting solution. 

Five new training dates have been added for this month:

  • August 8 – Park Building
  • August 15 – Annex
  • August 17 – Park Building
  • August 22 – Annex
  • August 24 – Annex

Each class will run from 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Register Here

TCM is a central repository for all procurement-related contracts. It provides electronic access to your department contracts, features a quick search function, as well as reporting capabilities. TCM also has the ability to preset notifications in advance of a contract expiration date to allow sufficient time to finalize a new contract.

TCM will enable workflow through the campus-wide UShop Marketplace, effectively capturing total spend, dates, insurance requirements and many other procurement based needs. The system will provide transparency and compliance with both state and federal procurement laws, thus strengthening our university from multiple liabilities.

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