Chartwells Catering Now Paperless

Chartwells Catering Form now in UShop – Campus Orders no longer necessary!

Effective July 1, 2017, Chartwells will no longer accept paper campus orders as payment for catering services. As part of our overall objectives to move away from paper-based processes, we have partnered with Chartwells to design a paperless UShop solution for catered food orders that will increase efficiencies for both Chartwells and the University.

Place your next paperless order using Chartwells’ online CaterTrax system or over the phone, then proceed to UShop, following these steps:

  1. Obtain the CaterTrax invoice number.
  2. Fill in a few simple details about the purchase and submit the form in UShop.
  3. Chartwells will invoice against the PO that’s been created.

*Note: Chartwells will invoice your department only after the event has taken place.

Where to­ find the form in UShop:

The Chartwells Catering form can be found under “Place an Order” on the Shopping Home Page:

How to use the Chartwells Catering Form quick reference guide

Coming Soon: Chartwells Walk-In Dining form in UShop

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