Invoices: How to Trigger AP Payments

What UShop users need to know to trigger Accounts Payable to make a payment:

Punch-out Suppliers: eInvoices are automatic! (most efficient)

  • All of these suppliers eInvoice, which means the invoice is sent automatically and electronically, directly to UShop by the Supplier upon shipment. This means you are done as soon as you place your order.

Renewals & Non-Catalogs: Deliver invoice or attach to direct AP email

  • An invoice is sent directly to AP by the supplier (preferred) or to AP via Campus Mail, or as an attachment to

NoPOs: attach scanned invoice to UShop form

  • This form requires an invoice (AP can’t pay from quotes or statements).
  • Multiple invoices require multiple NoPO requisitions. Forms with multiple invoices  attached will be sent back to the requestor.

Print & Carry: Deliver invoice or attach to direct AP email AFTER purchase transaction with supplier

  • Because the suppliers listed on the Print & Carry form have all agreed to send invoices directly to AP, you do not have to do anything after you place your order.  Other manually distributed POs i.e. for suppliers not specifically listed on the Print & Carry form have the same requirements as a renewal or Non-catalog – send invoice to AP.
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