GFA – 2 New Reports To Help Manage Alternates

Great News! Two new reports have been added to the Financial Information Library to help you manage the Alternates on your Activities/Projects.

GFA Act/Proj w/o Alternates

This report will bring back the Activities/Projects in an Org (with rollup) that do not have Alternates assigned to them. With the large number of Activities/Projects in some campus departments, it can be easy to miss assigning Alternates to each. This report will help identify Activities/Projects without an assigned Alternate. NOTE: For business reasons, some Activities/Projects do not need Alternates assigned. Just because an Activity/Project appears on this report does not mean an Alternate needs to be assigned.

GFA Alternates by Org/Proj/Act

This reports lists all Activities/Projects in an Org (with rollup) that have Alternates assigned. The Account Executive for the Org and Activity/Project is displayed. The status of each Alternate is displayed. Also included is the date range for each Alternate.

Keep those suggestions coming. These cool new reports came from you!

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GFA is part of our overall P2P Initiative to improve efficiencies and procurement savings across the University.

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