Payroll Reallocation

Payroll Reallocation Changes Coming January 2013

Employee Compensation on Sponsored Awards / Payroll Reallocation

  • Updated guidelines to help researchers and research administrators navigate the regulations and tools supporting the effort distribution and certification processes. Here’s what to watch for…
    • New executive summary document
    • New web content
  • New tool for monitoring employee effort distribution. Here’s what to watch for…
    • New Online Effort Distribution Report (EDR)
    • Get a sneak peek now!
    • Highlights:
      • Effort distribution can be viewed online, any time before end-of-quarter.
      • With Payroll EBT access to at least one funding chartfield, you may view the employee’s complete effort distribution report.
      • See the employee’s entire funding picture all in one place: actual earnings and benefits, planned employee distributions, and payroll encumbrances.
  • New process for submitting in-quarter reallocations of effort on sponsored awards. Here’s what to watch for…
    • New payroll reallocation instructions & updated forms
    • In-Quarter effort reallocations for exempt employees will be even easier to submit than making adjustments on the PAR! Highlights…
      • Submit changes right on the new EDR (online).
      • Corresponding benefits and overall GL adjustments will be calculated for you.
      • Faster turnaround time and new service commitment with published submission deadlines.
  • Training will be available to all PI’s, researchers and administrators to prepare you for the coming changes, so no worries! Here’s what to watch for…
    • More specific timeline of when the changes will go-live (November go-live anticipated).
    • Web tutorials and links to online resources, forms, and applications will be available to all employees.
    • Do you prefer in-person training? We will host several live sessions presenting the coming changes. Watch for announcement of dates and locations.