Accounts Payable Offers Direct Deposit

Accounts Payable offers Direct Deposit payments for students, faculty and staff business reimbursements, travel, refunds, student tuition remainders and other Accounts Payable payments. Direct deposit is the process where the University deposits the payment directly into a checking, share draft, or savings account via ACH. Direct Deposit is free and is the University’s preferred method of making payments.

  • Speed – Students, faculty and staff will be able to access their money earlier than a paper check, because they will not have to wait for it to be delivered and there is no waiting for a check to clear.
  • Green –Natural resources are saved by not printing and mailing paper checks.
  • Budget Savings – In these tight budgetary times, saved personnel, paper and postage will have a positive impact on the budget of the University.
  • Time Savings – Students, faculty and staff don’t have to go to the bank to deposit checks. Money is automatically deposited into their account on time, every time – and they don’t have to be at work – or even in town.
  • Safety – Direct Deposit payments never get lost. Problems with Direct Deposit, which are rare, are quickly resolved. Once electronic payments are set up, the money travels electronically, greatly reducing the number of people who see your personal information.
  • Convenience – It is easy for University employees who already participate in Direct Deposit through Payroll to apply the Payroll bank setup information to payments made through Accounts Payable. Select Employee Direct Deposit Authorization Form, at the bottom of the link below, then select the box on the form next to ‘Use Payroll Setup,’ complete the rest of the form then FAX or forward the signed document to the Accounts Payable office.

More information on how to sign up for this payment option and answers to common questions can be found on the Direct Deposit page on the Accounts Payable website.

Ask Us a Question If you have any questions regarding Direct Deposit just ask us!

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