Accounts Payable Contact Information

USPS Mailing Address: 201 S Presidents Cir Rm. 145
Salt Lake City, UT 84112-9003
  AP Org Chart  
Campus Address: 145 Park Building
Phone: (801) 581-6976  
Fax: (801) 585-6443  
Hours: 8:00am MT to 5:00pm MT, M-F  
Associate Director: Scott Patten      
Phone: (801) 581-6338      
Receptionist: Julie Luthin      
Phone: (801) 581-6976      

Accounts Payable Staff – Payment Request Expenditure Review – Customer Service

Name Title E-mail Address Phone
Ashley Hsia Assistant Manager (801) 581-7048
Brandon Hunt Senior Accountant (801) 581-3602
Charity Best Accounting Specialist (801) 581-4040
Yu Zhang Accounting Specialist (801) 581-5748
Julie Luthin Receptionist (801) 581-6976
Madison Richards Vacant Clerk   (801) 583-8792

Payables Production Staff

Contact Information Responsibilities/Roles
Senior Support Staff
Judy Chan
Manager, Accounting
(801) 581-5492
Shaundra Higgins-Hill
Accounting Specialist
(801) 581-8813
Check Creation & Distribution, Document Management, MCMP Document Maintenance, Stop Payments, Void Checks
Matt Snow
Accounting Specialist
(801) 581-4994
Vendor Master
Christina Attridge
Accounting Specialist
(801) 581-7340
Limited Purchase Check Review and Administration, Traineeship Recurring Payment Contracts, Vendor Master
Michael Domino
(801) 213-2489
Vendor Payment Verification
Voucher Processing Staff Purchase Order Vendor Name Begins With Letter or Purpose Behind Payment Request
Analiza Sevilla
(801) 581-8035
PO/LO: B, E, J, K,  L, Q, R
Public Council, Limited Purchase Check, Data Entry, Departmental Loans, Scholarship Fellowships (backup)
Sam Wood
Associate Accountant
(801) 585-7455
PO/LO: A, D, G, M, N  (Fresenius, ARUP)
Jadee Hill
Associate Accountant
(801) 585-1345
Megan Bettilyon
Associate Accountant
(801) 581-5288
PO/LO: C, F, O, T, V,  W, X, Y, Z
University Park Marriott
Alyssa Carlos
Associate Accountant
(801) 213-2488
PO/LO: H, I, P, S, U
Annuities, Athletics Room & Board, Fellowships/Scholarships
Brenna Harris
Data Entry Specialist
(801) 581-5723
PR: A – Z,  Freight, Income
Accounting, HR/Benefits, Moving Expense,
Payroll, Post Master, Special Handling Items,
Travel Payments, Utilities. Petty Cash.
Image Processing Staff

Brock Betilyon
Bryce McCormick
Caz Ashijian
Gil Smith
Jadee Hill
Riley Makarewicz
Leilah Harouni
Riley Makarewicz
(801) 581-6976
Document Scanning