Accounts Payable Contact InformationAccounts Payable Contact Information

USPS Mailing Address: 201 S Presidents Cir Rm. 145
Salt Lake City, UT 84112-9003
  AP Org Chart  
Campus Address: 145 Park Building
Phone: (801) 581-6976  
Fax: (801) 585-6443  
Hours: 8:00am MT to 5:00pm MT, M-F  
Associate Director: Scott Patten      
Phone: (801) 581-6338      
Receptionist: Julie Luthin      
Phone: (801) 581-6976      

Accounts Payable Staff – Payment Request Expenditure Review – Customer Service

Name Title E-mail Address Phone
Ashley Hsia Assistant Manager (801) 581-7048
Brandon Hunt Senior Accountant (801) 581-3602
Charity Best Accounting Specialist (801) 581-4040
Yu Zhang Accounting Specialist (801) 581-5748
Analiza Sevilla Accounting Specialist (801) 581-8035
Julie Luthin Receptionist (801) 581-6976
Peter Wang Clerk   (801) 583-8792
Soyoung Kim Clerk   (801) 583-8792

Payables Production Staff

Contact Information Responsibilities/Roles
Senior Support Staff
Judy Chan
Manager, Accounting
(801) 581-5492
Shaundra Higgins-Hill
Accounting Specialist
(801) 581-8813
Check Creation & Distribution, Document Management, MCMP Document Maintenance, Stop Payments, Void Checks
Brenna Harris
Accounting Specialist
(801) 581-5723
Vendor Master
Christina Attridge
Accounting Specialist
(801) 581-7340
Limited Purchase Check Review and Administration, Traineeship Recurring Payment Contracts, Vendor Master
Michael Domino
(801) 213-2489
Vendor Payment Verification
Voucher Processing Staff Purchase Order Vendor Name Begins With Letter or Purpose Behind Payment Request
Greg Stadler
Associate Accountant
(801) 581-4994
PO/LO: B, E, J, K,  L, Q, R
Sam Wood
Associate Accountant
(801) 585-7455
PO/LO: A, D, G, M, N  (Fresenius, ARUP)
Megan Bettilyon
Associate Accountant
(801) 581-5288
PO/LO: C, F, O, T, V,  W, X, Y, Z
University Park Marriott, Limited Purchase Check, Scholarship Fellowships (backup)
Alyssa Carlos
Associate Accountant
(801) 213-2488
PO/LO: H, I, P, S, U
Annuities, Athletics Room & Board, Fellowships/Scholarships
Jadee Hill
Associate Accountant
(801) 585-1345
PR: A – Z,  Freight, Income
Accounting, HR/Benefits, Moving Expense,
Payroll, Post Master, Special Handling Items,
Travel Payments, Utilities. Petty Cash.
Image Processing Staff

Bryce McCormick
Gil Smith
Jadee Hill
Riley Makarewicz
Leilah Harouni
(801) 581-6976
Document Scanning