PCard Statements: Processing Requirements

University PCard statements are emailed each month. Per policy, cardholders and account executives are required to review transactions and statements and sign statements within 30 days. This is a reminder of the Update Statement Processing Procedures notice that was emailed 4/8/2020. Since many personnel are still working remotely and may be unable to physically sign statements, we are still requiring an email confirmation affirming all transactions listed on your statement are for university business and are approved.

Please review the required procedure below if you are working remotely. This process will remain in effect until the university resumes regular operations, at which time wet signatures by both cardholders and account executives will again be required to complete the transaction and statement review. Another notice will be sent when regular PCard statement processes resume. 

  1. Obtain your PCard statement for review
  2. Compile all necessary receipts and documentation for each transaction
  3. Review the statement and verify all transactions
    • This email should include the following instruction to the account executive:  “Please see <MONTH, YEAR> PCard statement with <NUMBER> transactions attached for your approval.  Review and reply by <DATE>.”
  1. After review and approval, the account executive emails an approval to the cardholder
  2. Cardholder will retain the statement, transaction receipts and documentation, and email approvals in a designated folder for future reference
    • PCard auditors will review the email correspondence for approvals as part of your next scheduled audit
    • Points will be assessed for each month that the procedures above are not followed. 

Please let our team know if you have any questions. Include your email address and phone number with any inquiries.

Purchasing Card Department 

P: 801.587.7859 | pcard@purchasing.utah.edu | https://fbs.admin.utah.edu/pcard/

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