Cellular Phone Reimbursement Clarification

Accounts Payable has been receiving Payment Requests for business cell phone usage and equipment reimbursement… Unfortunately, we are unable to process these requests.

We would like to help clarify the correct method for cell phone usage and equipment reimbursement.

Did you know?

Effective April 12, 2011, Policy 4-005: Use of Personal Telecommunications Services was revised, including related Rules governing reimbursement of mobile communications costs to employees.

The current Cell Phone Reimbursement Form allows departments to arrange for either one-time reimbursement for phone and service, or ongoing monthly reimbursement of a portion of the service cost, or both.

These reimbursements are then handled through convenient and efficient Direct Deposit through Payroll. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the policy, rule, and the new form.

FBS TipEmployee reimbursements for cellular phones and/or service submitted to Accounts Payable will be redirected to this new and more efficient process.

Please see the UIT Cell Phone Plan page, which includes instructions and examples to help you determine the appropriate amount to reimburse employees.

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