Recruiting Services

The following contracts are available for use by any department on campus. Consult with Human Resource Management for assistance in establishing a project scope of work and selecting a firm. Once a firm has been chosen, process a requisition in UShop, enter the vendor name, the project cost, and attach the project scope of work. No further solicitation will be required.

Contract Number Contractor Name Products/Services Expiration Date
HRM20223097 Academic Search Inc. Employee Search Firm 3/14/2027
HRM20223099 AGB Search LLC Recruitment Services 4/19/2027
HRM20223100 iScientia dba TekWissen Recruitment Services 4/19/2027
HRM20223040 Keeling & Associates LLC  Employee Search Firm 3/3/2027
HRM20212520 Opus Search Partners Executive Search Services 3/30/2023
HRM20212518 Russell Reynolds Associates, Inc Executive Search Services 3/30/2023
HRM20222842 Spelman Johnson Employee Search Firm 8/23/2026
HRM20181421 Spencer Stuart Executive Search Services 3/30/2023
HRM20233242 Summit Search Solutions, Inc Recruitment Services 7/12/2027
HRM20212519 Witt Kieffer Inc Executive Search Services 3/30/2023
HRM20233355 IMCS Group Inc Recruitment Services 9/30/2027
HRM20233354 Louis Lindauer Searches Recruitment Services 9/30/2027
HRM20233353 Aspen Leadership Group Recruitment Services 9/30/2027

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