Facilities and Maintenance Related Contracts

These contracts are available for departments that oversee Facilities and Maintenance for campus Facilites Management, HRE, USA Housing, Red Butte Gardens, HCI, REA.

Below is a list of all University Wide contracts found in TCM (Total Contract Management), located in UShop. Using State Cooperative Contracts is also an option when seeking some of these services.

Ordering instructions for both options:
Once you find a contract you would like to use, you may reach out to the contact provided to get a quote. It is important to make it clear that you want contract pricing as the vendors listed also sell goods not under contract. After you get a quote, a requisition will need to be created in UShop before the product or services can be ordered. Attach the quote to the requisition.

Contract Number Contractor Name Products/ Services Expiration Date Renewal Options Contract Manager
USA20201917 Atlas Tree Service Tree removal service, Arborist 6/30/2024 none Hamer Reiser
P&CS20191599 RK Concrete Cutting & Sidewalk Repair 10/31/2023 none Hamer Reiser
P&CS20191598 Precision Concrete Maintenance 10/31/2023 none Hamer Reiser
P&C20191616 A-1 Pioneer Movign & Storage Moving Services 11/13/2020 3 Annual Ammi Aldous
P&CS20191617 Mesa Moving & Storage Moving Services 11/13/2020 3 Annual Ammi Aldous
USA20191748 Moutainland Supply Plumbing Supplies 3/21/2020 4 Annual Hamer Reiser
P&CS20191563 Asphalt Preservation Seal Coat & Crack Seal 9/18/2023 none Hamer Reiser
P&CS20191564 Kilgore Companies LLC Seal Coat & Crack Seal 9/18/2023 none Hamer Reiser

State Cooperative Contracts:

Click here to find a contract through the State of Utah, go to the following link:

Using the search field, enter a keyword for the product on contract.

Below are suggested keywords for facilities.

  • HVAC
  • Painting/Paint
  • Walk-In Building Supplies
  • Industrial Equipment And Supplies
  • Disaster Cleanup Contract Number MA3027
  • Lighting
  • Grounds Maintenance Services
  • Traffic Control
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical

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