International Travel Approval Change

International Business Travel needs to be registered in Concur three weeks prior to the departure date and approved by the Dean or AVP. This is the message that was sent out from Martell Teasley and Jeff Herring regarding international business travel:

            Dear colleagues,

With the decline in infections and hospitalizations caused by COVID-19, availability of vaccinations and new medications, and updated guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the University of Utah is updating its policy for international travel.

As of March 9, 2022, University of Utah employees participating in University-affiliated international travel must receive approval from the department’s dean or AVP. Employees no longer need initial approval from a vice president to authorize the trip.

As always per policy, Rule R3-030D: International Travel Safety and Insurance, all international trips must be registered three weeks in advance in SAP Concur to receive reimbursement. Once the trip is registered and approved, SAP Concur will provide a Concur Request ID, and an email will be sent with instructions on how to obtain travel insurance. Travel registration submitted less than three weeks before departure will require VP approval.

The Concur Request ID will need to be provided on the “International Request Form.” The form, which is attached to this email, will need to be approved by the dean and then attached to the Concur Expense Report. More information can be found at Travel and Reimbursement Services.

Thank you,

Martell Teasley

Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs

Jeff Herring

Chief Human Resources Officer

If you have any questions, please call Travel & Reimbursement Services at 801-581-7142 or email

Instructions and a link to the form are located on the COVID-19 Updates webpage.

Thank you.

Travel & Reimbursement Services

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