New Single Sign-On with Concur App

The Concur Mobile app has transitioned to a Single Sign-On (SSO) method that will require users to use DUO authentication. Below are the instructions on how to log in to Concur Mobile:

  1. Download (if needed) the SAP Concur App
  2. Open the SAP Concur App
  3. Use “GVRNMW” for the SSO Code
  4. Click “Next
  5. Click “Sign in with Mobile SSO
    • This will take you to University Campus Information System (CIS) login screen
      • If you don’t know or have forgotten your password, you will need to call Campus help desk at 581-4000 to have your password reset

*The pin number you may have created in the past has been disabled, and the pin method is no longer used – you will need to sign in using the SSO code

If you have any questions, please contact Travel & Reimbursement Services at 581-7142 or email

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