Working Remotely? How to Submit Travel Reimbursements

If you are using Concur, good news! Your reimbursement request is completely electronic – just follow normal procedures for submission and approvals.

For our Legacy users: we are receiving a high volume of questions and calls about how to process paper-based Legacy Reimbursements with skeletal staffing across campus, and so many people working remotely.

The legacy system traditionally requires original receipts, wet signatures and the request form physically submitted to our office for review. We have made arrangements to handle things differently during the COVID-19 restrictions.

Please follow these steps when preparing a legacy reimbursement for electronic submission until the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted:

  1. Prepare the final reimbursement form with the original receipts attached.
  2. Scan the package and email the packet to all approvers who are working remotely.
  3. All approvers will need to review the attachment for accuracy, appropriateness and availability of funding source and codes, business purpose, legitimacy and appropriateness of expenses, etc.
  4. Approvers should reply with an email stating that they have reviewed and approve the final reimbursement for [travel number]. Approvers are also allowed to sign the form prior to scanning if they are available.
  5. The travel planner should then add any email approvals to the packet, and use the signature lines to refer to the appropriate email approval.
  6. Deliver the packet to University Travel & Reimbursement department using this form.

Please be sure to use this ASK US form for any travel related questions or concerns during COVID-19 restrictions.

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