Important: Preparers MUST “Import” Prepaid Airfare to Expense Report

There has been a high number of instances where departments have failed to attach the prepaid airfare to an expense report properly, and are having to submit a subsequent expense report to expense the airfare. To combat this, departments MUST expense airfare with any trip where the airfare was prepaid with the onsite agents or the Concur booking tool.

Prepaid airfare expenses (purple credit card icon) must be “imported” rather than the preparers manually adding receipts or itineraries.  If the department does not import the expense, the “purple credit card” persists and the Traveler and Preparer continue to get email reminders to complete an expense report.

NOTE: If the Concur booking tool or the Onsite Agents are used to book airfare, and the central-billed credit card is used to purchase airfare, that expense will be listed on the traveler’s “Available Expense” section and identified by a purple credit card icon. (See image below.)

When preparing the expense report, select “Import Expenses” and then select the appropriate item(s) and click “Move” (to current report).  This will attach prepaid expenses on the current Expense Report along with any other trip expenses.  The system knows to deduct prepaid expenses from the reimbursement. Departments will know that an expense is prepaid by a University credit card when there is a purple credit card icon next to the expense in Available Expenses.  Preparers can review the total reimbursement and the amount to be reimbursed to the traveler under “Details: Totals.”

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