Car Rental – U Should Use State Contracts for Business Travel

University travelers that need rental cars are highly encouraged to use the state contracts with Hertz, National, and Enterprise. These State Auto Rental Contracts include recommended insurance as part of  the contract, so the traveler does not need to purchase any additional insurance at the rental counter.

Domestic Trips (U.S. and Canada): These contracts cover our business needs in most destinations.  If a traveler chooses to book the rental without the agents, or chooses a different car rental provider, they will need to purchase the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) which is NOT reimbursable to the traveler in most cases.  Additionally, the department will be charged a $3 fee per day. This $3/day is contributed to a pool to cover the $10,000 deductible the state of Utah imposes on the auto liability if the traveler is involved in an accident and not on State contract.

International Trips: State rental contracts are not available outside the U.S. and Canada. International travelers should be certain that they have liability and CDW insurance when renting a vehicle outside of the U.S. and Canada – even if they need to purchase this insurance. Travelers may be reimbursed for these insurances when traveling to international destinations where the contracts are not available.

NOTE: These state contracts are available only through the onsite travel agents, and are not prepaid. The traveler will pay for the car rental on a personal credit card and will need to  seek reimbursement after the completion of the trip.

If you have any questions, please contact Travel & Reimbursement Services at (801)581-7274 or visit our Car Rental Contracts webpage.

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