Help Speed Travel Reimbursements – Requirements

Travel & Reimbursement Services is currently experiencing a high volume of travel reimbursement requests, and we are working diligently to process them as quickly as possible.  This post contains guidelines that will help to speed overall processing time.

If we receive an incomplete request and these items are not done, Travel & Reimbursement Services may send it back to the requestor. 

Complete reimbursement packets adhere to these guidelines:

  • Attach the pages of the packet using an alligator clip or paper clip – NO Staples.
  • ORIGINAL receipts are required, whenever possible – please tape all receipts on one side of paper, and include with the reimbursement packet.
  • NO double-sided printing – please print on one side of the paper only – our scanner can only scan single-sided packets.
  • Mileage rate changed to $0.535/mile January 1, 2017. Please attach mileage logs for reimbursements that have dates and mileage total.
  • Foreign trips REQUIRE conversion documents attached to the reimbursement – we recommend using Oanda.
  • Conference brochures are REQUIRED. They must include:
    • Name of conference or meeting
    • Dates of conference or meeting
    • Location of conference or meeting
    • All meals provided as part of the cost of registration

For an added reference, here is a printable guidelines document.

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