Save Time! Use Direct Deposit for Employee Reimbursements

As we strive for more efficiency and improved customer service, we have implemented system enhancements to increase direct deposit participation.

Of all employee travelers, less than 12% participate in direct deposit for their employee reimbursements.  This means that during fiscal year 2011, we printed over 12,000 employee reimbursement checks.

  • Travel staff counts and reconciles paper checks as part of our daily tasks.
  • Campus travelers had to take action with each of these checks to either deposit them in a bank account, or cash them.

How many hours could be saved by using Direct Deposit?

FBS TipUse our new system generated form to encourage Travelers to participate in Direct Deposit.  When our system recognizes a University Traveler who is not signed up for direct deposit, a pre-populated form will be produced requiring only the Traveler’s signature to begin the process.  Return the signed form to Travel Accounting, and we will work with Accounts Payable to add the payroll direct deposit information to their vendor file.

NOTE: Once implemented, both Accounts Payable and Travel Accounting will use Direct Deposit information from the payroll system to process employee reimbursements.

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