You asked for it – Travel System Enhancements

We are excited to announce another round of system enhancements meant to improve information available to our Travelers and our Travel Planners.

As part of our payment processing, you will now see:

  • Nightly e-mails to both the Traveler as well as the Travel Planner notifying them when a payment has been approved and sent to AP for processing.
  • Each notification will indicate the handling code for the payment, such as: Hold for Pickup, Campus mail, US mail, or Direct Deposit (ACH).
  • Checks produced for Travel related payments now reference the Travel number to help departments reconcile internal processes.

Thank you for your ideas and feedback!

If you have any questions, Ask Us.

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7 Responses to You asked for it – Travel System Enhancements

  1. Airfare says:

    Good point, Jason. I’ve bookmark this post.

  2. Pamela Doi says:

    I just submitted a travel final reimbursement for Dr. Michael Daubs but did not receive my emailed signature form? Please advise if it timed out and I need to resubmit. Thanks, Pam

  3. Pamela says:

    I want to go to step 2 of Airfare request because I know the flight #’s that I want but I never can seem to find that web page.
    Thanks, Pam

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