July 1: New Travel Fees

This blog post serves as a reminder that the following fee changes will be in effect for all trips registered beginning July 1, 2011:

In-State Driving Trips $8 Audit Fee
Domestic Trip $12 Audit Fee
International Trip $20 Audit Fee

Additionally, the following fees will apply to Airfare booked through our On-Site Agents:

Domestic non-refundable Ticket Free New
State Contract Ticket $30 No change
International Ticket $30 New

Please note that nearly 65% of all University trips (those booking domestic non-refundable tickets with our on-site agents) will save $5 per trip using this new fee structure.  In the past, departments paid $5 for an audit fee, and then a $12 booking fee for non-refundable tickets.

International trips are the most time consuming tasks we face as we either consider flight options or reconcile foreign receipts for a reimbursement.  Now the departments that travel internationally most often will be more appropriately paying for their share of our effort, while departments that travel primarily domestic trips will no longer be subsidizing the cost of processing international trips.

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