Guest Travel – Option #1

Use University Travel Agents to reserve guest travel.

  1. Submit a Request in Concur.
    1. A Request ID is required for step 2.
    2. Click here for instructions on how to submit a Request for guest travel. 
  2. Fill out the Book A Trip form.
    1. A University Travel Agent will respond with travel reservations within 1 business day using the info provided on the form.
    2. A Request ID is required to submit the form.
    3. The Book A Trip form must be submitted, or agents will not be aware their assistance is needed.
  3. Once a confirmation email is received from the travel agent, verify all reservations to ensure accuracy.
    1. If changes are needed, work with travel agents.
  4. Submit the Confirm A Trip form to ticket the airfare once all info has been verified. Airfare is not ticketed/finalized until this form is received by the agents.
    1. If airfare is not needed, this step can be skipped.
    2. You will receive a confirmation email once the airfare reservation has been ticketed.
    3. Airfare is not considered finalized until it is in a ticketed status. On-hold/confirmed reservations expire if they aren’t ticketed within 24 hrs.
    4. Click here for instructions on how to submit the Confirm A Trip form

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