Bringing a Guest to the University of Utah?

Please refer to the Non-employee Travel Reservation Options section below for info on how to reserve non-employee travel.

Travel Arrangers may also request a quote for non-employee travel. To obtain a quote, submit the Trip Quote form. A University Travel Agent will contact you with quote info.

Travel Arrangers should obtain a Travel Card (TCard). Arrangers with a TCard may reach out to vendors directly to make reservations using their TCard (where accepted). Click here for more info on obtaining a TCard.

If non-employee hotel reservations are needed, we encourage arrangers to use one of the 6 university-preferred hotels. The University of Utah has preferred rates and a credit card on file with these hotels. 

The University Guest House is available to book in UShop – Instructions can be found here.

Non-employee Travel Reservation Options

• Travel Arrangers may use any combination of options 1-3. We strongly recommend using the University Travel Agents.

• Note: the Concur Booking Tool cannot be used to make reservations for non-employees.

• Cash advances payable to non-employees are not allowed.