How to OrderHow to Order

Shipping Services

The University receives discounts of up to 65% off published rates using the following guidelines. Shipping according to these guidelines results in savings of over $500,000 per year for the University of Utah.

Shipment Type Shipment Weight Range Supplier
Shipping (Small package) Less than 200 pounds University Print and Mail Services (via Federal Express)
Shipping (Less-than-Truckload) 200-10,000 pounds (maximum 28 linear feet of trailer space) University General Stores and Receiving  (via UPS Freight)
Shipping (Truckload) 10,000+ pounds (call for carrier and rate) University General Stores and Receiving

Note: Exceptions to University Shipping Guidelines may be granted where business need can be documented.

We have some packaging materials available such as boxes, bubble wrap, “popcorn” and tape. Also, we can have wooden crates fabricated by the Carpenter Shop for equipment requiring a greater level of protection during transit. We will pick up your packages and ship them for you for a nominal fee. Just call 1-8671 and ask for package pick up.

If you have questions regarding the shipment of hazardous materials, please contact our Customer Service Representative.

Compressed Gases

Our Compressed Gases Division stocks all commonly needed compressed gases as well as liquid nitrogen. These gases are listed in our catalog from number 100000 through 100590.

Gases that are not stocked can be ordered through our supplier, occasionally with next-day delivery.

With regard to orders requiring same-day delivery, we regret we have been forced to add a $25 special delivery surcharge due to the disruption in scheduled deliveries and to cover the additional costs incurred when responding to such requests.


Placing an order with General Stores is very easy and there are several ways to do so. They are:

  • Bring your Campus Order to our Issue Counter on the north end of building 350, the University Services Building (just west of the Huntsman Center) and your order will be filled while you wait.
  • Send us your Campus Order through interdepartmental mail.
  • Call us at 1-8671 and we will take your order over the telephone. Please have the following information handy when you make your call:
    1. Department Name
    2. Delivery Code
    3. ChartField(s) or purchasing card number to be charged
    4. Inventory numbers from our catalog of the items you are ordering
    5. Items you are special ordering (please see the section on “Special Orders” below)
    6. Quantity desired
    7. Any special delivery instructions needed by our delivery personnel
  • Fax us at 801 581-3452 with the above information.
  • E-mail our Customer Service Representative,  with the same information listed above.
  • Browse through our catalog or order online from our catalog by clicking on the shopping cart button

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you!

Special Orders

Since we cannot possibly stock everything, we maintain excellent working relationships with our suppliers. If you require an item that we do not stock, we are usually able to special order it and have it the next day. If you do not see what you are looking for in our catalog, please call to special order it. To help you in this, we have catalogs from several suppliers that can assist you in choosing the items that best meet your needs. Simply call or e-mail our Customer Service Representative at with your requirements. Please have as much detail as you can on the items you are ordering, i.e., model number, size, color, quantity, etc.


Unless we are otherwise directed by you at the time you place your order, we will automatically backorder any amount that we do not have in stock. We always plan to have the items you want and in the quantities you need. However, due to varying demand, this situation does occur from time to time. Please be assured that your backordered items will receive the same expeditious handling as the items that are filled at the time you place your order–they will be delivered as soon as they are received.


We advertise next-day delivery of items in stock. Your order will be delivered directly to the address you provided when you placed your order.

We are also capable of same-day delivery when required. These are called “rush” orders. However, we request that you prudently use this designation since rush orders require special handling.
With regard to orders for compressed gases (including liquid nitrogen), we regret that we have been forced to add a $25 special delivery surcharge to all same-day deliveries due to the disruption in scheduled deliveries and to cover the additional costs incurred when responding to such requests.

If you would like further information about our delivery procedures, please call our Customer Service Representative at 801 581-8671 or send e-mail to