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Hours and Location

General Stores is located at 1795 E. South Campus Drive, Room 253, in the University Services Building, which is just west of the Huntsman Center. Our hours of operation are from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. each workday.

Our Mission

Our goal is to “… provide the highest quality material support at the lowest attainable cost…” to you, our customers throughout the University. We accomplish this by maintaining a large inventory of commonly used items and by maintaining next-day delivery from our suppliers to us on most special ordered items.

Our Store

If you click on the shopping cart button, it will take you to our online store. Here you can browse through the many items we carry or order online if you choose.


As is true for all resale centers, our prices can fluctuate up or down since they are tied directly to the actual cost we pay. Our price for an item is averaged each time it is received thereby ensuring that the occasional spikes in the prices we pay are not passed on to you. This is called “price averaging.” Unlike a retail store, we are not in business to make a profit. We seek only to cover our costs of operations and thereby break-even. For this reason, in most cases we are able to offer you the best prices available.

Occasionally, you might notice that one or more of our published prices is somewhat higher than another supplier’s price for the same item. This will happen from time to time. Many businesses will use “loss leaders” to get their “foot in the door.” Occasionally, a supplier will get a “great deal” from one of their suppliers and utilize it to give the appearance that their markups are not very high. And, if suppliers have inadvertently overstocked, they will attempt to reduce their inventories by marking it down to just above cost just to move it–especially just before taking physical inventory. Since our goal is only to cover our costs, we have no profit motive involved in our pricing decisions. In short, we know that if you will make us your supplier, and use us consistently, you will save money.

Working For U

Since we are all working toward the same goal–the success of the University of Utah– you can find no other organization as personally interested in and dedicated to meeting your supply needs as we are here at the General Stores Department. Your satisfaction–our mutual success–is our only priority!


If you have any specific questions, or would like more information about General Stores, please call our Customer Service Representative:

Ms. Dana Grant
(801) 581-8671

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you!

Jim Davis
Administrative Officer
(801) 581-5213