Financial & Business Services Useful Links

The Financial & Business Services website provides information to users of the website. Much of this information is provided in the form of links. These links direct to different repositories of information. Each of the sections below describes the different types of links on the website:


Financial & Business Services has many forms which are used to execute the business of the University. These forms are organized alphabetically, by department and a Learn More page has been added to provide more information about each page.

Index And Glossary

The FBS Index and Glossary is links to over 200 topics designed with helpful:

  • Definitions
  • Discussions
  • FBS Tips
  • Procedural Forms and Instructions
  • Ask Us Web Forms
  • Other useful links

Links to the Index

Financial & Business Services Help Pages

This page contains Help Information for FBS Web applications in CIS.

Administrative Rules

Many Administrative Rules and Procedures impact how Financial & Business Services conducts its business. These Administrative Rules and Procedures attempt to answer the “how” and “when” questions – providing additional information for implementing or further clarifying existing policy.

They facilitate the practical application of University and State policies and rules set down by the IRS and other federal agencies, as well as sound business practices. Administrative Rules and Procedures carry a level of import that requires considering them more than just good suggestions or advice. They are authoritative documents and are meant to be followed.