Group Conferences & CateringGroup Conferences & Catering

The University has many opportunities to hire caterers and conference venues throughout the year. The Purchasing Department has put together checklists to give general guidance for events held on or off campus. Due to fluctuating estimates, any catering or conference estimates close to or over $4000 are encouraged to be submitted through Ushop using the Catering or Conference Purchase Request form. Any estimate over $5,000 must be submitted using this form.

A Pcard with a business meal exemption on file can be used for events that are estimated below $4,000. If you have any questions regarding Pcard transactions, please contact them at 801-587-7859 or

The Governmental Entity Addendum (GEA) is a document that can be added to a vendor supplied contract. The GEA was designed to protect the University from potential contractual risks from a vendor supplied agreement. The GEA will need to be signed by the vendor as well as a VP or VP designee within a department.

Caterer Checklist
Contracted Caterers List
Group Hotel or Conference Checklist
Governmental Entity Addendum