Signature Authorization Form Instructions

  1. Opening the form requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  2. The form should be filled out on the Web.
  3. Fill out the Activity or Project #, a description of the Activity or Project, and your Department name (in the Org/Description field).
  4. Fill in the Principal Investigator/Account Executive’s Employee ID # (UNID).
  5. Fill in the Principal Investigator/Account Executive’s Name.
  6. Fill in the Conflict of Interest (COI) question circle completely.
  7. Fill in all Authorized Alternate Employee’s ID, Name, and COI.
  8. Get all employee’s Signatures.
  9. Send the original form to Purchasing (address at the upper right on the form).

Please also remember to fill out a “Management Report” form and send it to Financial Reporting & Accounting or any org ID or fund changes.

Contact Jeff Johnson in Purchasing at 581-6621 for more information.